Beautiful Morganite!

Beautiful Morganite!

16 December 2013

Nurtured in the earth for millions of years, coloured gemstones are one of Nature’s most beautiful gifts. And, just in time for Christmas, David Keefe Jewellers reveals stunning Morganite. In soft blushing peach, Morganite is said to inspire love and joy through its pure and innocent colour. What a beautiful way to tell someone you love them this Christmas.

Morganite comes from the precious Beryl family of gemstones and is also known as Pink Beryl. Morganite was named after the American collector “JP Morgan”. Deposits are found in Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe and the United States.

Available in rings, earrings and pendants at our Lynnmall and St Lukes showrooms.

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