Insurance Replacement & Valuations

Insurance Replacement of Jewellery and Watches

David Keefe has worked with all of the major insurance companies for over 30 years. We have a proven track record and established systems with all of the major insurance companies and are happy to work with both your insurance company and you to supply replacement jewellery and watches to your satisfaction.

Please feel free to call either David Keefe or Robert Gray should you require any information about our Insurance Replacement Services.

Insurance Valuations

All new items purchased from David Keefe will come with our Certificate of Purchase that may be used to insure the item. For jewellery or watches not purchased from us, we can arrange to have the items valued through our valuation agent Gemlab.

After-Loss Valuations

In the unfortunate event of burglary or loss, we are happy to prepare an after-loss valuation for the items lost or stolen. This after-loss valuation will be required by your insurance company before they can process your insurance claim. We are happy to speak to your insurance company on your behalf if this would assist in the processing of your claim.