The David Keefe Signature Ring

Design Number: 013670

The David Keefe Signature Ring, pictured with a 4ct centre diamond.  This ring is made to order in the required finger size, and can be set with a 2ct to 6ct round brilliant cut centre diamond.

The ring is set with 120 accent diamonds, weighing 1.6cts.

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Don't worry if you don't know your finger size, or the ring is for a surprise - we can always adjust the size afterwards. There is no cost to adjust the size smaller, or up to three sizes larger. If the ring needs to be made more than three sizes larger, there may be a small extra charge, depending on the amount of platinum or gold we need to add into the ring. We have disposable sizing rings that we can courier to you to enable the correct finger size to be measured.

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The David Keefe Signature Ring

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